I'm a user experience designer and multimedia artist

Here are my works

SKOUTDEAL Usability Study

This was the first time we had to produce a usability report for a client. This project introduced advanced data analysis and really put our skills as UX researchers to the test. On top of that our team had to work understaffed due to prior event.

Megamap Data Visualization

We were tasked with developing a comprehensive visual promotion of all the data we researched regarding the transit issues in the GTHA. We found out some interesting findings that went beyond our scope.

Avoidance Robot

Another harsh project we managed to overcome. This simple robot was our pride and joy that answered many of our previous issues in an older project.

Rotating Segmented Robot

The first simple robotic project that I worked solo on, where I developed a spine support system so it could rotate locally and globally at random interval. While being a rough around the edge product, its hiccups laid the foundation to the predecessor's success.

Animated Short for Six-word Story

" Canned Cajun Chicken Have No Soul" was a story about a can of soup escaping its demise. We were tasked with coming up with a 1 minute short using any media at our disposal to show what we have learned about Visual Narration.

About me

I am a user experience designer, I believe interface clarity and is of paramount importance, next to user's autonomy. My core strength lies in analyzing data to produce useful information for a company to improve on a product. I also tinker with electronics and emerging technology to turn abstract ideas or concepts into tangible reality through prototyping.

A mentor once told me "It's not that there are too many designers, the problem is there are only few good ones". Therefore, I wish to become a good designer in a saturated market.

What they say

Long has been getting things done at an amazing efficiency and he possesses a good work ethic. We enjoy working with Long.
Phuong Hai Dao, an FPT coworker
Long is good at visualizing a design request just from little description. He designed the piece 100% as I envisioned it. He's also good at promoting contents.
Nick Bounds, a client

Contact Me

Address: 1456 Whiteoak Blvd, ON
Email: vutal@sheridancollege.ca
Phone: (905)-399-9845